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Finasteride Internal To External: Genthair, Ultimate "CURE" For Hair Loss

Genthair has spent the past four years researching more possible factors to hair loss. While minoxidil deals with seborrheic alopecia, finasteride can solve the problem of hormonal alopecia without side effects by limiting the area of action. The combination solves all the obstacles to hair growth.

A Comprehensive Solution For All

5.8 times faster than version 1.0

1.0 precisely controls the concentration and activity of minoxidil, revitalizing dormant and necrotic hair follicles, and increasing the number of effective follicles. 2.0 introduces finasteride in a new way, regulating hormone responses on the scalp, expanding the growth space of hair follicles, resulting in thicker and healthier new hair strands.

Clinical Data Of 99% Success

1200 hair loss patients used Genthair for six months, and 95% of volunteers experienced a doubling of hair density in the first month alone. 76% of volunteers were able to completely end their hair loss journey in about 3 months.

How To Apply Finasteride Beyond Past

Finasteride is a specific inhibitor that suppresses the conversion of the male hormone testosterone into DHT (the cause of hormonal alopecia). To avoid the male functioning side effects associated with the previous oral form, we have accomplished the function of internal to external use.

Target-Specific Areas - It must be sure that finasteride not only does reduce the DHT effect of the scalp, but also ensures the regulation of DHT in the body. We use biotin to regulate the osmotic mechanism of finasteride, let it infiltrate into the root of the hair follicle and react directly with the receptor, only play an inhibitory role in the scalp area, and completely solve the problem of side effects.

Activate Follicles VS Promote Healthy Hair

The mechanisms of action of minoxidil and finasteride are completely different. The key to the victory of Genthair is: one addresses the root problem, the other enhances hair growth effects.

Minoxidil targets the superficial follicles - by stimulating follicles, promoting blood circulation, and addressing the issue of seborrheic follicle shedding.

Finasteride targets follicle growth space - by adjusting the concentration of testosterone with resistance, restoring stability to the scalp environment.

Exclusive 70% Upgrade Discount For First Customer! 

Genthair Volunteers' Records

The constant itching and discomfort from product buildup, which used to be a constant struggle, is now forgotten.

I'm starting to notice that there are fewer strands on my hairbrush every morning . It used to be a depressing sight.

This journey has not only transformed my hair, but restored a sense of self-esteem that I didn't realize I had lost.

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Getting Back Confidence

As I got older, my hair gradually thinned, making me feel embarrassed in business situations. I've tried various hair growth products and none of them are very effective. My friend suggested that I try Genthair, saying that he has already solved the problem of hair loss with it. In just a few weeks, my hair became noticeably denser. I will persist in using it. Thanks so much!!!

John Brown, 45

I've struggled with looking older than my age due to my thinning locks. Previously used a lot of hair growth serums  with no results until I used Genthair. Genthair really amazed me! The growth rate of hair is faster, and and the newly grown hair is stronger. My wife said I look ten years younger.

Wyatt Maverick, 34

Genthair makes me feel like a major breakthrough! Obviously, the change is more obvious than before, and every morning I feel the hairline is different. Highly recommended!

Paul Willardson, 42

Thank you for the research by Genthair! I've been using it for two weeks now, and my hair is growing faster than before. Even when washing my hair, no hair loss. Great product!

Joe Cortese, 58

Genthair is good value for money. After less than a month of use, I noticed a marked improvement in the thickness and texture of my hair. Thanks to this amazing product, I don't have to worry about baldness anymore!

Thomas J. Hise, 67

I was skeptical at first, but Genthair proved me wrong. It has been three months since I started using it, and my hairline has improved significantly. Thanks to this incredible recipe, I can feel the change every morning!

Michael Diebold, 43

I was hesitant to try another hair regrowth product, but Genthair has proven to be worth it. The results speak for themselves - my hair looks and feels thicker, and I've regained confidence in my appearance. I'm grateful for this effective solution!

Christopher Ketter, 72

Already recommending Genthair to my friends, it has completely upgraded the speed of my hair growth!

Gilbert C. 46

Say goodbye to receding hairline and baldness! Revive your hair in no time!


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