Ginger To Minoxidil & Finasteride

Enhanced with pure natural ingredients, ginger shampoo gently maintains scalp health, offering a soothing, irritation-free experience.

Why Developed Shampoo

After comparing laboratory data from 1000 individuals with data from 1000 real customers, we discovered that only by precisely controlling the use of shampoo products could we achieve the desired effects of hair regrowth.

This is because most users unintentionally disrupt the balance between minoxidil and finasteride, key components of our serum. When these ratios are compromised, the efficacy of hair regrowth slows down, and unwanted side effects such as hair loss and sexual dysfunction may persist.

Why Chose Ginger

The primary extract of ginger, gingerol, is a neutral physical stimulant that does not induce chemical reactions. Gingerol possesses anti-inflammatory properties, creating a healthier environment for hair follicles, reducing scalp infections, and promoting scalp blood circulation, resulting in a nourished scalp and stronger hair roots.

Tea tree oil and vitamin E act as supplements: by enzymatically breaking down protein residues, they help repair dead skin cells on the scalp, promoting follicle health and hair growth.

How You Use It

After confirming through laboratory data that there was no compromise to the activity of minoxidil and finasteride, we tracked the results of the next one thousand users. 96% of users experienced significant hair growth with customized use.

We recommend washing your hair 2-3 times a week and applying the hair regrowth serum every night, as excessively frequent washing can make the scalp more sensitive. Before applying the shampoo to the scalp, ensure it is fully lathered to prevent any liquid residue from remaining in the follicles.

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Getting Back Confidence

It's too amazing!! I used Genthair with ginger shampoo,  in just 15 days, fine hairs were already growing in the thinning areas. I'm sure I'll say goodbye to hair loss with consistent use!

Richard, 56

Using this hair growth serum in conjunction with the shampoo, I saw noticeable improvements in just four weeks – significantly less hair loss and a good amount of new growth. My friends say I'm looking like a handsome, distinguished gentleman, and I've even found myself a new girlfriend recently.

Thomas, 69

I like that it contains all natural ingredients, and it feels gentler than my regular shampoo.  The most important thing is that i've been torturing by my thin hair, after using this shampoo for 30 days, my hair has become much more thicker than ever before.

John Brown, 45

These shampoo smell awesome, so I've been sticking with it and my hair does feel thicker. The best part is that I have a high oil production, but after using it, I noticeably feel my scalp is refreshed and it doesn't look greasy. I don't know if it's because the oil production is normalized and promote hair growth.

Jim Henry, 48

I have just been using this product for a few weeks and already I see results. There is a very considerable reduction in the amount of hair loss during shampooing. It was a pleasant surprise that when I shampooed my hair the last time with this product, the amount of hair on the shower drain was almost nil. I also love the smell and the way it makes my hair full and soft.

Nico Maffoy, 36

For years, I've been battling hair loss, which has taken a toll on my confidence. But ever since I started using genthair's hair growth serum and shampoo, my hair feels thicker and healthier than ever before. My hair seems revitalized, and I can see new growth filling in those previously bald spots.

William, 42

Say goodbye to receding hairline and baldness! 

Feel hair density like never before!


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